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Dear Christina.

You are so amazing.  Your voice is so beautiful, and you are such a beautiful person inside and out.  You're so nice, and your songs are so meaningful, and have actual meaningful lyrics and are just special.

I'm glad I ran across one of your videos 2 years ago by mistake.  I'm glad I clicked on the video, and saw what great talent you have.  Your voice has something special, no autotune needed at all, you have such a great natural talent, and deserve to be discovered by way more people.

You are so inspirational, and I love how you stay true to yourself, and you don't let the media change you in any way, and that you still stick to what you believe in and in what you think is right and what you like.

When I found out you like Zelda. OMG. I was so surprised because I myself lover Zelda and have been playing it and watching my older brother play since I was about 3.  I love how you show your love for Zelda.

AND... When I saw your "Christina still loves Skrillex" video, I freaked out so much.  He has been one of my favourite artists for a while, and knowing that you love him too was such a good feeling.

You don't discriminate and you accept everything and everyone.  You're open to all music choices (hence all the different covers you do), you accept all types of people, and knowing that you are Christian and sing about God and Jesus and show your faith in videos too, makes me happy that you are not afraid to show your faith and religion, and it made me become a more prouder Christian as well, and it made me be proud to show it.

You have been such an inspiration to me. Showing me that I shouldn't hide my religion, my style, my music, my life choices, and showing me hat real lyrics are like, and that drugs, sex, and partying is not what songs should be about. You show what what meaningful, and truthful music is.  It's about love, peace, positivity, and of course being happy.

Christina.  You are so special, and God made you special sot hat others can discover and learn from such a wonderful person like you.  I want to be as happy as you are about everything, as proud as you are of your religion, not being fragile in tough times, and as outstanding as you are with your talents and your look.

You deserve to be called BEAUTIFUL.  You deserve to have everyone know how special you are and how strong you are to keep what you love and what you like still yours and not being changed by the media.

Thank you Christina for being such a wonderful role model. I love you so much and I hope that I will get a chance to meet you someday. who knows, we could even play some Zelda and jam out to Skrillex ^.^

Love, Your biggest fan ever...

Monika Kalicki xx
so.. ya.. just read it..
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September 14, 2012
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